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Art thou lonely, O my brother?
Share thy little with another.
Stretch your hand to one unfriended,
And thy loneliness is ended! “Art Thou Lonely?

William Arthur Dunkerley

Why to Share your knowledge?

You must be now sitting there and wondering, “Why should I share my knowledge with others?” Have you ever heard about the profound Law of Attraction? Well, it says, “Whatever you give to others, the same returns back to you in abundance”.

Yes! The law of attraction is universal in nature and it observes that if you help others, the universe will automatically arrange and align itself, to bring abundance amount of Goodness and Prosperity to your life.

This is a phenomenal concept. And if you really want to learn the wisdom of life, then learn to share things. Be interactive, overcome your complex of the “private I”. Start sharing your original essays with a sole motive to help others, and to get helped.

Thousands, if not millions of students are trying to learn something from the internet. Each day, everyday; continuously they are searching for valuable information, yes they really want to learn something to make this world a better place to live but unfortunately they are not getting the necessary resources to research and study . Wouldn’t be it great concept, if you could sit down and help them, by sharing the wealth of wisdom that you have with you.

Forget what you want for a moment, and think of what the other person wants. Soon, you’ll discover the existence of the profound Law of Attraction, as you really and earnestly try doing things for others as you would for yourself. No I don’t mean “Do unto others, etc.” I mean for others.

If you truly believe that being interested in others will help you; if you really believe there’s a chance that it might help you- then you must start being genuinely interested in others right Now! And your life will eventually change….

Not tomorrow, not today! Yes! Now is the right time, to start sharing your essays, to start helping others, to start making the ‘Internet’ a more powerful and profound place to search the sum total of human knowledge….

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