Short Summary of "I Am In Need of Music" by Elizabeth Bishop

Elizabeth Bishop is a versatile poet and she writes on various topics centering woman. All her poems speak about the woman and reveal some true facts about woman which are necessary to think on.

She uses her own style to directly speak to the reader and sometimes she takes help of stories or situations to explain her points. This poet is famous among all age groups especially woman as every time something good knowledge flows through her poem.


“I Am In Need of Music” is also one among them. This poem truly explains woman’s feelings and changes that every woman undergo as her age rises.

In this poem poet writes about the woman who face a deep darkness in her life and for the same she has taken help of music. She explains how music should be! In fact she explains how life should be! She gives music a picture of life and explains everything keeping this situation in mind.

woman’s feelings

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Life is all about change. There is no more in this life than a word change as it never changes. Woman body starts changing from a very early age and every woman can feel it. Few woman fears these changes while few women face it and stand strongly in front of them. It depends on a woman whether to accept these changes positively or negatively.

For this poet gives example of music. She says music should be free from the words. According to her, music should flow straight without having any obstacle. There should be a space given for the music. There should have a huge freedom for this music.


Music should start in the morning and there should not have any end to it. It should flow vigorously. It should showcase anything it wants; it should specify anything it wants. It should be created beyond all rules and it should break all boundaries. This music should encourage one’s life. This music should give energy to others to live. This is the music for which poet is writing this poem. This music is everything the poet is looking for.

Now here music should be considered as a woman’s life. This means poet is explaining how woman’s life should appear. Her life should be very much free than it is now. Woman’s life should be free from all those rules in which every woman is bonded these days. There should not have any obstacle in her life and her life should flow straight.

Thus, woman’s life is the centre point of this poem. Poet is simply considering music as woman’s life and cleverly explaining everything she wants to explain.

This repeats a wonderful cinnamon-donut style. “I Am In Need of Music” in this poem, the poet simply looks for an alteration as well as change, and she wants a touching amends into her life. She wants somewhat to let her pleased and cheerful. For this she speaks about the cause of imagination which is about the interactions between a man and art in common with melody and music.