Short Summary of “Friendship" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

This poem is purely based on Friendship and the depth of the relation. Emerson valued relationships and he has beautifully portrayed those feelings through his word in the poem Friendship.

Even after many years, when we meet a friend of ours, the ecstasy is beyond words and the excitement can never be expressed, that is the depth of the bond.

In this work, Emerson says that when two people meet who think alike, they grow intellectually and spiritually through affection. Friendship teaches us many valuable things in life and through friendship we learn to fully admire and sincerely comment on one another for the accomplishments. We truly enjoy being in one another’s company and we are happy for their achievements. When we are with our best friend, time just flies by and our sorrows and tragedies all vanish and just their company would keep us happy. Always a good friend would appreciate the fine qualities in us and we could just be ourselves with them.


Here he says that, even the best writer may at times find it difficult to pen down a few word related to his work or topic that he is working on, however when it comes to writing a letter to a friend, words just flow out. That is strength of friendship. Even if two people do not see for a very long time, their hearts do speak. They can feel each other, even if they are miles apart and when they meet after ages, they could just start from where they left. That depth is the understanding between two people.

It is like when one fine morning when your best friend walks in, you don’t need to impress him or get your house so clean and change your dress to the best, you can just get up from the bed and even hug him! That is what true friendship is about. You can never do this to just anyone like that.

Friendship deepens with age. Even when you grow old, and when you spend some time with your old friend, memories just pours out as though it all happened yesterday and you could laugh your heads out. It may look a bit odd for an outsider, but as long as we enjoy, the outsider could never understand the fun that friends are having. Having a real friend is one great blessing as we can just forget the rest of the world when we are with them.

Good friends are true blessings from God. As they say “Friends are Angels in disguise”, we should thank God for having good friends in our lives as they spread us with joy, light and a feel of accomplishment in all senses. There is no other greater feel than when seeing or hearing your friend even after ages, it just cannot be expressed in any words and can only be felt. Friendship is a bond between two people that lasts a lifetime.

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