Short Summary of “The Over-Soul” Essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Over-Soul” is an excellent example of wonder. If you wish to read something new or something different then this essay can be surely one you opt for. As usual Ralph Waldo Emerson proved his clever and out of box thinking level.

In this initial segment, writer commences the premise of convenience, recognizable to readers of his further essays. God is easily reached to all people, whether they energetically look for an individual mysticism or not. Remembering customary conviction that ethical ideas are instinctive, writer declares that there lives a “spirit of prophecy which is innate in every man.” This is really true line. God exists in every spirit, which in twirl pays respect back to God.

This world is much busy to think about holy thoughts. Therefore writer pulls his readers to think on God related topic. This is the main aim of this essay. Emerson succeeded in explaining his thoughts.

The “over-soul” is the real meaning of human perception, of mysticism, of an indwelling wisdom of God, by the opinion of writer. In this thesis, writer slips into his secretarial robe as well as distributes a discourse on transcendentalism. This is the real victory of this essay. Human mind only notices pieces of the godly force in glimpses, although adequate to stir up his soul as well as the aspiration for a better harmony with the over-soul along with all of humankind. Writer says that if you wish to see God then you must look at yourself or at other people. God is living in each one’s mind. This is the main reason why writer says to avoid going to temples but taking care of people. This is a great message given for all people from all religions. There is no matter of birth, caste or religion in this. Anyone can meet God. Simply look at others. These people are God by other means.


Thus, this essay turns at the end when writer suggests readers to look at each other. It is necessary to think about your life instead of only thinking about God. God is looking at you and he loves you by all possible ways. If you are working for humanity then you are working for God. If you are selfish and only thinking about yourself every time, then going to temples or other holy places will not save you in any danger. But if you look at your others or care for others then for sure God will help you in every difficulty you will face in this life.

“Over-Soul” is really fantastic essay revealing a true meaning of sacred thoughts. If you are looking for God then he is present inside you and inside others. Just see the God inside you and accept every difficulty in life in positive manner. This God will assist you. He will show you the path you should opt for. There are no other thoughts hidden in this essay. The main aim is to introduce reader with the new imagination. Writer succeeds in explaining his thoughts. This essay surely creates a great impact on reader’s mind.