Summary of “And Death Shall Have No Dominion” by Dylan Thomas

“And Death Shall Have No Dominion” is one of the finest poems of Dylan Thomas. He is a creative writer. He has good sense to use appropriate rhyming words. In this poem Dylan Thomas has proved that he is basically a lyricist. The fundamental thesis of this poem is renaissance which is declared and restated with disparity and pattern.

Birth and death are the common things that all livings have got. No one can avoid birth and no one can avoid death. The speaker has not stated anything about the birth but he is saying everything keeping the word death in mind.

Everybody fears to have a death but poet is cleverly imaging that this death can become a happy journey if it is taken as per wish. Just imagine how that moment will appear when death is at door. Now it depends on the person whether to fear and not open the door or to open the door and ask death to fulfill last wishes.

The speaker is making people fearless and saying to take death as a joy. As death is confirmed then why to fear it instead one should welcome it and wish for a sweet memorable journey. This poem involves different meanings.


Is writer speaking about the real death or he is speaking about something different?

The poet seems to be performing a service for all those uninteresting with the joyful hope of the final revitalization and rebirth. The initial and last lines of the first stanza states that the death which he died, he died to offense one time and intended for all; however the time he lives, he lives in the direction of God.

The second stanza pacts with martyrdom, pain and the woe of life, but not to facilitate of the hell from which there is no renaissance. Tormented men may drop devotion, however for all that; they will lavishly climb; for escape is not by devotion but by personality. Those who recline long shall not expire windily below the windings of the huge sea. They shall not bend on racks when muscles give up. Though impecunious to a swing they shall not smash. When trust in their hands shall break in two parts, the unicorn ills shall sprint them through. Yet if their trust tears and all end up, then they shall not break.

This is really inspiring poem for those who are a victim of mental problem. Few people have habit of thinking about the death and not daring to face it. As poet is encouraging them to face all problems with powerful muscles and show death that it is not ended yet. Death will surely run away if someone stands study in its way. Thus poet is suggesting and giving appropriate notations of sea and rock.


People should not lose their hope of living even if it’s too late to think on this subject. Trust, self confidence and devotion can pass any difficulty without any trouble.