A Short Debate on Corruption

Corruption as such can never be eradicated in any part of the world. It would have been good if all the official start to think that if not the entire amount that they loot, but some of them is given back to the common man, then the world itself would have been a better place to live in with lesser number of crimes and lesser looting as all this happens due to rise in the cost of living and to meet two end.

Corruption is mainly seen among the government officials, it could start from the lower hierarchy and it climbs to the top. To get anything done at the government offices, one has to start bribing from the bottom line till where the chain ends. What a pity?

How does one get corrupted?

With low salaries and high cost of living, people start thinking of making easy money, rather than trying to make money through a proper channel. There are many other alternatives to make money other than being corrupted, but all that takes time and effort. Whereas accepting a bribe for any small work or creating false accounts are easy tasks to make big money, which is unaccountable also.

Anti Corruption

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Now what happens when a corrupted person is caught?


Still he has no issues, provided he is in the elite group. If it is from the junior levels, then they may have punishments, but the elite will always have loop holes and they are always far away from being severely punished. To blindfold the public, hot sensational news are made and not long before also made to forget through other sensational news by the media and never again bringing the topic to highlight. Thereby creating a shield for the elite who was caught and he does the same all over again.

What we should understand is that, even though there are bodies to keep an eye on this, they are also being ruled by the elite group pf personals in every sector. Be it politicians, lawyers, doctors, police, or even educational institutions, all are the same. The elite rules and the small fry gets caught if any corruption or scams are related to them and that too in small figures, when compared to the others.

Can we really get over corruption?

Well if not completely, but to some extend hopefully we may if a system is followed here and completely adhered to. Some steps that we could do may include, computerization of process that takes place, privatization of public sectors, try eliminating the chain of corruption by implementing strict and stringent punishments, without looking at the face and designation of the individual.

Let us hope that at least the coming generations, may not have to suffer like the present generations and for that we need to start a basic understanding right from the roots of every child through proper education and understanding that getting corrupted is not the key, but being a respectable and dignified leader is what it all counts. Everything else will follow is the basic is right.


Let us join hands to Save India and Stop Corruption.