A Very Sad Break up Letter from a girl to her Boyfriend

Dear (Name),

I know that this letter is going to hurt you very much, but then I have no options left. ‘As you are aware that our affair has been publicised so much that my family mem­bers have got inkling and consequently they are look­ing for a suitable groom. Even my movements are being watched and my image has come under suspicion. If there is one thing that I cannot forget, it is the moments I spend with you and the maturity that you imbibed in me. I will always miss your company, how much hard I try to forget. Your words, your touch, your sense of humour have now become a part of my life which will be difficult to get off. You have been the only one who has really un­derstood me. In one word, you have been the Most In­fluencing person in my life. But at the sometime I respect your dignity and under no circumstances, I will let you down in front of my family members. It is there­fore mutually benefiting that we part ways with only some tender moments to cherish.


Yours Ever Loving,
(Your name)

Reply to the Previous Letter

Loving (Name),

Going through your letter was a painstaking affair, which has badly not only hurt me, but also demoralised me to such an extent that I’m not sure what I will do without you. My life has suddenly lost its meaning and I feel that I will not be able to cope with this immense tragedy. Please ____________ (Name), don’t do this to me. I cannot imagine life without you. I feel that it is more my fault regarding this present state of affairs and for this I am willing to meet your par­ents and sort out any misconception they have regard­ing you. I not only love you, but at the same time care about your well-being and any sorrow of yours is mine as well. Kindly let me know if you feel so I can come along with my parents and I’m confident that they will accede to my request. Like you, it is very difficult for me to forget you and this agony can ruin my life. But, in case, you have decided to call it quit for once and all, then all my good wishes are with you and I’ll pray that wherever you are, may God bless you with all the happiness in Life.

Always loving you,
(Your name)

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