Summary of “Phenomenal Women” by Maya Angelou

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a Woman? This poem by Maya Angelou is written out to all the women out there, who do require a boost in their self esteem.

The poem basically depicts how a woman is seen in the society and how she actually is. The poem clearly illustrates that no matter how a women is, she is always noticed in a crowd and femininity is a blessing in disguise. How women can stand bold and beautiful to the world in this new century.

Being oneself and having the confidence to face the world, no matter the scenario may be is the most challenging task. In this poem, Maya vividly reminds of the strength a beauty of women, radiates the energy, wisdom and belief in the mercies of the gender – women. Being a woman is indeed a blessing, as that is God’s gift to nature to protect, balance and nurture. The strength a woman holds can in no way be measured and how balances life and the situation that come in front of her, no matter what.

This poem is a must read for the teenagers, as it does help to improve their self esteem and confidence and make them into more bold and beautiful young ladies.


Maya Angelou is a renowned personality, not only in the filed of poetry, but also she is a celebrity as a novelist, dramatist, producer, actress, filmmaker and civil rights activist.

Being an African-American, she had faced immense racial discrimination, but never left her hopes and faith in her tradition and community. Over the years, she gradually took up to writing, teaching, acting and even film making. She has also served on two presidential committees. She has received three Grammy Awards. Even though discriminated, she proved to the world what she could do and where she could stand. She is a role-model that one should follow to accomplish all goods in life.

Maya Angelou is one of a person, and her works are just great. The Phenomenal woman is a must read for all women and let is help in blooming up the lost self-esteem in ourselves for a better tomorrow.