Apology Letter from an Employee to His Employer

Sample Letter from Employee, Apologizing to His Employers for Misconduct.

The Manager,
(Company name)


I regret very much that I should have given you caused for dissatisfaction against me. I admit that I had been coming late to office and not taking my work seriously.

But I must say that it was not deliberate but due to my worry about my old ailing mother. In the absence of any other member in the family, I had to look after her and this was the cause of my unpunctuality.


Often during my work in the office, my thoughts went to my mother and I made mistakes. I am sorry for this and beg to be apologized.

I assure you that since my mother is now showing signs of recovery and I am free from the mental tension, I will again put my whole heart into my work and never give any chance of complaint in future.

May I, therefore, hope that you would please take a lenient view of my misconduct and withdraw your remonstrance.

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully.
(Your Name)
Accounts Department