Essay on the importance of Mental Health

Free sample essay on importance of Mental Health. Physical health and mental health are related to each other very closely, for, sometimes physical health contributes to mental health and vice versa.

Physical discomfort or illness causes the mind to be upset and this is but natural as physical pain is reflected in the thoughts produced in the mind. On your physical state depending on your mental state? This is one way of explaining the nature of mental health; this is one way of explaining the intimate mind-body relationship. It is pretty difficult to conquer illness through mental strength, for; the body-mind relationship is as intimate as the mind has a place in the body. The mutual influence of the body and the mind is a natural phenomenon. It should be understood that while the human body is substantive and perceivable by the senses the mind is just a concept, a stream of consciousness.

Mental health is sometimes unrelated to physical ailments. The health of the mind may rarely be a separate subject of study unrelated to the physique as psychoactive thoughts influence the mind when psychoanalysis comes in handy. Delusions, exaggerations, weird imagination, day-dreams, nightmares etc. aggravate the illness of the mind, and psychodrama, a form of psychotherapy in which patients act out events from the past, may be ideal in restoring a patient with mental illness to normalcy.

 Mental Health

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Some of the youth of our day spoil their mental health by getting addicted to drugs and liquor. Under the influence of the drugs and liquor they lose their normalcy. They should realise that they should avoid bad habits. They should know that courage is their strength. Youngsters should develop a tendency to face life with an optimistic outlook and should never be neurotic. They should develop sound mental health by training themselves to be calm, collected, resolute and self-confident. As you grow your self-confidence and resoluteness should grow with you and you should be a force to reckon with.

There is no general agreement on what constitutes sound mental health. In fact, it is easier to certify someone as mentally unhealthy as healthy. If someone needs psychiatric help to overcome his problems he is said to be mentally unhealthy.

Sound mental health is generally the result of happiness. Happiness arises out of our achievements. We attempt to do something difficult. If we achieve success in doing it we are happy and consequently we are in sound mental health. Sound mental health is caused by our success in our profession, by happiness in the family atmosphere, by keeping our relationship with outsiders sound and healthy.


The mental health of the students will be sound if they do well in their examinations and feel happy. The mental health of the students will be sound if they have good relationship with their teachers. The mental health of the students will be sound if their parents show them much love and encourage them, if they have good relationship with their brothers, sisters and friends.