420 words essay on Let Us Save the Wildlife

Free sample essay on Let Us Save the Wildlife. Some wildlife species like the rhinoceros, cheetah, elephant, crocodile, snake etc. are hunted by the poachers. There are persons of much daring who go into the forest stealthily without the knowledge of the wildlife department authorities and shoot the animals which may be a source of great gain to them.

Poachers have long been active in several parts of the world. The elephants are killed for their tusks of great value. A pair of tusks in the international market may fetch an enormous amount to the poachers. The wildlife department authorities are unable to put a stop to poaching despite their utmost vigilance. The African elephants and the Asian elephants are killed for their tusks. The late forest brigand, Veerappan of India, traded in the elephant tusks. It was very difficult for the Government to catch him alive or to shoot him.

At last the Tamil Nadu Government put an end to his atrocities by shooting him. It was undoubtedly a great victory for the Tamil Nadu Government to kill Veerappan, who had been elusive for many years. Toys, images of Gods and Goddesses and various kinds of artistic objects are made at of the elephant tusks and they fetch much profit to the businessmen. Tigers are killed for their beautiful skin of beautiful patterns. Even their bones are powdered and used as medicine. The horns of rhinoceroses are believed to have medicinal properties and so the rhinoceroses are shot, their horns are removed and sold. Poaching is a regular business for some criminals.

Save the Wildlife

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The peacocks are shot for their enchanting plumes. It is said that the oil extracted from a dead peacock has a medicinal property. The deer are hunted for their horns and flesh. The Wildlife Protection Act prohibits killing the deer and other wildlife species. A crocodile is shot and its skin is removed and sold. The skin of the crocodile is displayed as a decorative item in some houses.

Endangering and killing the wildlife species are offences under the Wildlife Protection Act. Some kinds of rare monkeys with spots around their eyes, with peculiar types of faces are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act. Snakes with different patterns on their skins are shot and skinned. Their skin is sold to the eager buyers. Slippers, handbags etc. are made out of the snakes’ skins. These articles with attractive patterns fetch a good price.

Severe action should be taken against the poachers by the Government. Mercy towards all creatures is an essential quality of a noble human being.