Short Essay on Military Laws

Short Essay on Military Laws – All professions have their own set of rules and these rules have to be followed if the professionals have to perform to their best.

However, these rules are for one’s life in the office, but when one’s job is to protect the nation it is about a lot many things than one’s in-the-office conduct.

A life spent defending a nation is spent with discipline, courage and character. Life for them is not about earning, living and making merry but about keeping certain values central to their lifestyle.

Military Laws

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The Military Laws recognize the fact that being in the armed forces means living a life which is too different from any kind of civil life. A number of statutes, therefore, govern the service conditions of the armed force personnel.

The Army Act, the Navy Act, the Air Force Act, the Territorial Army Act, the Armed Forces Act, the Indian Soldiers Act, the Military Nursing Service Rules are the principal legislations that deal with administration and control of military forces.

However, it does not mean that legislations like the Indian Penal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code and the Indian Evidence Act etc. are completely irrelevant to the armed force personnel. These laws take care of such conduct of armed force personnel that lies outside the scope of military laws.