Free Essay on My Pet Animal for Kids

Free Essay on My Pet Animal for Kids – Any pet at home is a lovely company. Some people have a wrong belief that pets are a source of illness as they only dirty the house.

Others who have pets are so fond of them that they cannot bear the very thought of losing them. Like humans pets also require a lot of loving and caring. In return they are the best of the friends.

There are a wide variety of pets which include different species of birds and animals. Of all such pets the dog is the most popular. Dogs are considered most faithful to their masters. I am a proud owner of two Pomeranians whom I have named Ruby and Jack.

My Pet Animal for Kids

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They both have red eyes and abundant coat of soft hair. Ruby is pure white while Jack has two black spots, one which is below her neck gives the appearance of a collar and the other which is right in between her two sharp ears looks like a cap.

Pomeranian is generally considered a showy dog. But like any other guard dog they have a strong sense of smell. They are always alert and run the very moment I call out their names. Even a light walking sound wakes them up.

If they hear the walking sound of a stranger they, together, raise the roof. No one in my family can control them when they bark continuously but just one gesture from me quietness them.


Every day when I return home from school they show pleasure of seeing me by wagging their tail and moving round my legs. Each one tries to get my first attention.

If I ruffle one’s collar the other one clearly shows the jealousy by making deep sounds and pulling my clothes lightly between the sharp teeth.

I have trained my dogs and they obey all my commands. Ruby’s training includes fetching the morning newspaper for my grandfather. I take them along with me on my morning walks.

They love to play with balls and thoroughly enjoy themselves while chasing a mouse in the’ house or butterflies in the garden. They are fond eaters of eggs and milk.


They are always near me and understand my moods. They can easily sense if I am sad or ill. They try to cheer me up by licking my hands with their wet tongue.

Sometimes I get annoyed. If I push them away they will sit side by side with heads bowed as if in mourning. When I am happy they know that I shall not beat them if they climb on my bed.

Many a time I wonder at their sense of feeling and under-standing. My pets are not just pets but my friends as well. I am fond of them and cannot let them go out of sight.

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