English as the Medium of Instruction in India – Essay

There are many views regarding merits and demerits of English and other Indian languages regarding medium of instruction in educa­tion at school and college level.

As there are many languages in India it becomes difficult to adopt a common language as medium of instruc­tion throughout the country.

The argument why English should be the only medium of instruc­tion is that it is spoken all over the world.


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Being a language of scientific knowledge, we can be benefited from the technological advancement of other countries by reading English. Therefore English is very much suitable as the medium of instruction.

But the fact is that we can understand better in our mother tongue. In case of English it is very difficult to master a foreign language.

In the mother tongue the student can attain greater efficiency and he can express his thoughts in a better way.


When we decide to adopt an Indian language to be the medium of instruction the problem of availability of science and technical books in English only can easily be overcome.

It will encourage publishers and authors to publish and write standard books in Indian languages. Many Indian languages are very rich for medium of instruction in place of English. Standard books can also be translated into Indian languages.

Many countries in the world have adopted their native languages as the medium of instruction in schools and colleges. When other coun­tries can work without English then why we cannot do it.

For the rapid progress of our country, it will be better that we do away with English as medium of instruction.


Moreover the continuance of English, psychologically gives us a feeling of inferiority that some­times back we were being ruled by Englishmen.