Essay on the benefits of Morning Walk for school students

An essay on the benefits of Morning Walk for school students.

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. This age old saying still holds meaning in today’s world. It was during last midterm vacations during October that my friend and I thought of developing a healthy habit of sleeping early and rising early too in order to go for daily morning walks. Staying fit and breathing in fresh air was the main idea behind it. You can say it was our middle of the year resolution.

So my friend and I decided a day to start the walks. We live close to each other’s house, so we also decided the time and place to meet. Both of us were very excited about our morning walks. Eagerly I was waiting for the evening to darken into night and the night to awaken to a new dawn. I had my supper early that evening and watched T.V. for some time. Then I decided to get into my bed and read till I could sleep. After all, I had to get up early at 5 O’clock. I set the alarm and slept after and slept after an hour of some leisurely reading. The dreamy night passed by and I was awakened by a tune ringing somewhere in the remote corner of my mind. Then suddenly I realized it was my alarm. I quickly reached out and switched it off. Then eagerly I got out of my bed and brushed. After washing I changed from my night-suit into my track-suit, put on walking shoes, took my wrist-watch and rushed outside. It was very quiet at this hour. Everyone in my house was sleeping except my pet dog. He was very much awake and a bit surprised to see me hurrying outside at such an early hour.

Morning Walk

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I quickly unlocked the gate, kept it inside and by 5: 20 a.m., I was on road. It was still dark outside though the Eastern sky had started lightening up from a thick black into a shade of blue. I started for the place, my friend and I decided to meet. Within a few minutes, I reached there and saw my friend too turning round the corner. Without wasting time we moved on.

There was peace and calm everywhere. A few people were on the road. Some like us were enjoying the early morning hours of an autumn morning during their morning walk. A few were on their bicycle going for some work. A few players were on the roadside running, jogging and warning up. A few were heading for the gymnasium

A few tea-stalls and sweet shop had opened up to prepare for the day. A few factory labourers who had returned from their night-shift and a few who were going to work were chit-chatting on the tea-stall over a steaming cup of tea. A few were watching T.V. early morning. The sweet shops were busy preparing the dough for samosas and kachoris. We decided to have a cup of tea while returning back.

The birds were chirping and hopping all around. The sky was turning a shade of deep blue from black. It seemed the blue was chasing the black all over the sky. The Eastern sky was turning into a blazing scarlet gradually. There was a riot of hues of red, orange, scarlet and crimson. I went on staring at the panorama for a few lingering moments. The sun had stared peeping over the horizon. The air was echoing with the joyful symphony of the songs of the birds welcoming a new day. The air was pleasant and cool.


We kept on walking, breathing deep the early morning’s fresh air. The dewy fresh atmosphere of the morning invigorated and re-energized us. The mind at this hour was released and shorn off all the worries and anxieties. Both of us felt so light. After a few minutes’ walk we decided to return back.

The sun was shining brightly now like a victor who had forced darkness to run away to different realms. The road was more crowded at this hour. Some were out to buy milk, bread and butter. Others were returning from the walks and gyms. The daily laboures were now out for work. There was a host of milkmen at every few feet. We sat down for sometimes at a tea-stall of or our tea. I bought a newspaper from the hawker and read it while sharing pieces of interesting news with my friend or simply reading aloud for him to listen.

We sat for a few more moments and returned home. It was a wonderful experience. We felt fresh and energetic all day. We decided to make it our daily habit. Till now I had not realized how much we had lost while spending such lovely hours into the depths of sleep. Nature presents such glorious scenes of beauty everyday and we rarely take time out to relish these hours. So we decided to continue with our morning walks and enjoy good health and beautiful sceneries every day.