444 words essay on A Visit to a Hospital

Free sample essay on A Visit to a Hospital. I had to admit my grandfather to hospital as he suddenly suffered from a heart attack. I requested for an ambulance to the Muir Hospital authorities to take my grandpa to the hospital immediately.

My grandpa was suffering from acute pain in the heart. Within minutes the ambulance arrived and it took my grandpa to the MR. He was taken to the intensive- care unit where patients in the danger zone are admitted. He was under constant supervision. His heart beats were shown in a monitor constantly. He was given a tranquillizer which immediately put him to sleep. He was in the ICU for four days. His heart beats became normal soon. The main reason for my grandpa’s heart attack was he suffered from high blood pressure for some years. He was asked to bring his


B.P. under control. The doctors warned me that he should be protected from getting another heart attack which might be severe. Two or three heart attacks may kill a man.

I went round the hospital. There were many wards where patients with various kinds of illnesses were lying in bed. Most of them were asleep or half-asleep. A strong bad smell came from a corner. I just peeped in. It was a big toilet with many urinals. Intolerably bad smell came out of it. There were one or two wards by the side of the toilet. The surroundings of the wards were unclean.


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A number of people were coming in and going out. There seemed to be no restriction in the admission of visitors.

There were many departments under the control of many doctors. There was an orthopedic department. There was a general ward. There was a ward for patients suffering from diseases in the chest. There was a ward to look after patients who suffered from diabetes. There was an emergency ward where persons who were involved in accidents were admitted for immediate treatment. Nurses in each ward frequently checked the patients and monitored their progress. Doctors were visiting from ward to ward.


There was an out-patient department where patients who had some health complaints consulted the doctors. The doctors prescribed for them medicines and they got the medicines from the hospital dispensary. In the O.P. department there was a long queue of persons, mostly middle- class and poor persons. The O.P. departments of the hospitals are really of great help to people with low income. There is also a laboratory for checking the blood samples of patients with health problems. The hospitals do a great service to the public but they should show more attention to the aspect of cleanliness in the wards and their surroundings.

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