506 words essay on the Importance of Sports

Free sample essay on the Importance of Sports. There are some students who are excessively devoted to their studies and there are some other students who are excessively devoted to sports. Interest in studies to the exclusion of sports is as bad as interest in sports to the exclusion of studies.

In India sports is not given as much prominence as in some other countries like the USA, Britain, Japan, Australia etc. Physical development is as much important as mental development, for, both have an equal contribution to a successful life. Though there are physical training teachers in every school they do not take real interest in promoting the students’ enthusiasm in sports. It is natural for die young students to take part in various types of games and excel in them. When youngsters are brimming with energy they should find outlet for it. Games make students active and energetic and prepare them for concentration in their studies. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” is a well-known saying.

A student who gives attention only to his studies and is always found with his books in hand is called a bookworm. This should not be taken as a disparaging statement but this only indicates that his excessive interest in studies has made him disinterested in physical activities.


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In a sound body is a sound mind. When we play different types of games like volleyball, football, cricket or tennis our whole system works in full vigor. Our muscles become stronger and our nervous system is toned up. We forget ourselves in the wild run and jump as we play competing with our rivals. Taking part in games and competing with our rivals is a healthy rivalry. This spirit of healthy rivalry is quite essential in the game of life.

What is important in sports is that we should not lose heart if we, as a team, fail to win. We should take success or defeat with a sportive spirit.

India ranks low in the international sports. While the USA, China, Germany, Japan, Belgium and other countries win many gold and silver medals India sometimes wins only bronze medals. Only in cricket India has a proud record. But even in cricket the Indian players do not fare well sometimes.


Constant coaching has a vital role in the shaping of good sportsmen. The poor performance by the Indians in the Asian and the Olympic games is a subject of frequent discussion. The Ministry of Sports has to take new measures in encouraging the students to take part in games. They should take part in the interschool, intercollegiate, national and international games. Representation of our players in the international sports adds to our glory.

Nowadays good players who have made a mark in the world of sports are given a quota in jobs. Being a good sportsman helps a person in getting a good job.

“Work while you work, play while you play, and that are the way to be happy and gay.” This is an old saying and this is true for all time.