397 words essay on Uses and Abuses of Computer

Free sample essay on Uses and Abuses of Computer. Computer is one of the greatest gifts of science to mankind. It has brought a great change in our life. Now we can do calculations with great speed and accuracy. It can process, manipulate, reproduce and communicate data at a very high speed.

The data could be text, pictures, numbers, photographs and other type of information, which are used by us in our day to day life. Computer is widely used in different spheres of life. We cannot imagine life without computer.

Computer is an electronic device used for storing and analyzing information fed into it, for calculating, or for controlling machinery automatically. It is a very flexible gadget, which can be used in a wide variety of ways, depending on the requirement and available resources. Micro-processors on small chips control various home appliances. They do automatic fine tuning and colour regulating on television sets and other household gadgets. In offices, computer is used to maintain records, files, prepare payrolls apart from performing various other functions. In hospital, computer is used to diagnose diseases. It helps in carrying out surgeries.


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Computer is rendering valuable service to the radars, missiles, rocket launching, automatic flights, etc. We have pilotless aeroplanes which are controlled by computers from the ground stations. Airlines and railways are now offering instant information on bookings with the help of computers. Computers help big business houses in carrying out their up- to-date business. Computers are widely used to solve climatic, industrial, commercial, financial and other complicated problems. In advanced countries, computers are used to regulate and control traffic.

Computer is not blessing in all. It has caused to create many problems. A computer can perform works of several people. It has increased the rate of unemployment. It has replaced scores of people. Often the mistakes made by computers are really blunders. Excessive dependence of man on computers have reduced mental efficiency in human beings. Internet is often used for mischievous intentions. They are used to send false e-mails for malicious intentions to harass the person. Some others try to view those websites that are not meant for them. This is bad tendency and must be checked. Internet should be for development and other good purposes and not for destruction and decay.

Computers have many shortcomings. However, their advantages far outweigh their disadvantages. They are integral part of modern life. We cannot think of life without computers.

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