Short Essay on an Encounter with an Alien

The night was cold, a thick fog hung outside, which I could see from my window. In the moonlight, the fog appeared like clouds descending on the earth.

How I wished I could go out and be amongst the clouds, but here I was trying to catch some sleep, which was eluding me .My mother had just put me to bed wishing me sweet dreams, but sleep was miles away from me.

I paced the floor up and down, clutching the shawl to myself and switched on the Television to see if there was any interesting programme on the channel. The Movie ‘Mars Attacks ‘was being aired, of which I had read good reviews in the press. It was an exciting movie about strange unpredictable creatures from Mars landing on earth. They were welcomed by the American public, to be later annihilated by a mere misunderstanding of releasing a pigeon, as a gesture of peace.

The wanton destruction they brought about, ultimately to flee on hearing a typical classical music. The movie kept me spell bound. After it was over, I stretched myself on the bed and fell fast asleep.


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There was a knock on my door; I woke up to see before me a strange looking boy, with two antenna like objects sticking out of his head over a hairy body. His owl like round eyes resembled the characters I had just seen from Mars. I screamed in fright, but he said something in an alien language and gesticulated with his hands, indicating that he meant no harm. I stared at him in disbelief unable to even scream.

Sensing that I was frightened, he gave me a translator to put on my ears that would allow me to understand his language. I hesitatingly agreed and learnt that he indeed had come from Mars. He wanted to take me to his friends and show me his planet. I politely refused, telling him that I had my Math’s exams the very next day and hence could not oblige. He extended his thin wiry like hand in friendship, but I was wary of him and chose to do namaste instead. Though he sounded friendly, I was scared for I knew not what would offend him.

He talked about life in Mars, telling me that it is much bigger than our planet earth, having its own solar system. They do not eat, for they survive on noble gases that are in abundance.


Seeing that I was impressed, he continued to brag about the superiority of his race. I bore with it for quite some time. However, unable to take it any longer, I politely requested him to let me sleep, for I had to wake up early, to attend school.

He reacted with alacrity. Snatching the translator from my hand, he pointed his gun at me and in a flash I was in flames .1 screamed with all my might “Help, Help, this boy from Mars has killed me.” I suddenly felt a splash of cold water on my face. Opening my eyes I saw my mother peering down at me, “What’s the matter son” said she. How relieved I was to realise, that it was all but a dream.