548 words short essay on A Picnic Party

548 words short essay on A Picnic Party. It was in the month of March that I with some of my friends decided to go for a picnic.

As we all were free from our annual examination, we had enjoying time. We decided to go to India Gate. We agreed for this place because it is a historical monument. We all will have chance of seeing this monument and on the other hand we will have excursion too. It is located in the heart of Delhi, very close to Rashtrapati Bhawan.

We started for the picnic at 9 a.m. We were five friends. We had planned to have our breakfast, lunch and evening tea at the India Gate. So we left early, with all our necessities, foodstuffs, music system, cameras, etc. The weather too was pleasant. It was cloudly. Cold wind was blowing. We all reached India Gate as per our schedule. First of all, we spread our carpet and sat to have coffee. We all enjoyed coffee with some snacks with light music. We also had some musical instruments with us. After this we played with the harmonium and sitar. One of my friends is good at playing with harmonium. Another one has sweet voice. He sang songs. The song was so enchanting that it made us thrilled and we all enjoyed it to our heart’s content. The lush green meadows expanded on a large area made this place a natural spot full of beauty.

A Picnic Party

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Then we all took a round of the area. We went to see this majestic monument at a close distance. Then we went to the pond and enjoyed boating. Boating in neat and clean water near the tall historical building was certainly thrilling. There were a large number of people there. They all were there to enjoy the weather. There were foreigners also. They were taking snaps of the surroundings from different angles and in different pose. They also came to us with some of their queries. We attended them well. They were very pleased with us. They also took our snaps.

We felt hungry by that time. We came back to our picnic spot. Two of our friends were there. They were eagerly waiting for us. Everything was ready. We sat to have our lunch. The lunch consisted of varieties of eatables. We all had lunch to our heart’s content. Meanwhile there came a juggler who was having monkey couple. He was entertaining the people all around with the extraordinary feat and skills which left the spectators wonderstruck. The tricks of the monkeys were really marvelous. The juggler made the monkey dance to the tune of dumroo. Their dance was really enchanting. At the end of the show, the crowd paid the juggler as per their capabilities.

We all enjoyed dance, songs, poems and other humorous couplets. Ritesh’s ghazals were so soothing and enchanting that we were lost for some time. By then we were tired. One of our friends Manu started the preparation for evening coffee. We had some snacks, pakoras and other fried things. We enjoyed coffee with them. By then it was 5.30 p.m. We packed our things and returned to our homes. We were very happy. We enjoyed the picnic party a lot. We returned laughing, chatting, gossiping and talking. It was a memorable party.

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