303 words essay on A Visit to a Religious Place

303 words essay on A Visit to a Religious Place. India has been a centre of religions from ages. People of different faiths and religions live here. They have their different religious places. They are scattered from north to south and east to west. They have their own importance.

During the winter break I got an opportunity to visit Allahabad. Allahabad is an important place of worship for the Hindus. It is in the Allahabad the two sacred rivers—Ganga and Yamuna—meet each other. It is believed another holy river Saraswati flowing as underground current meets with the Ganga and the Yamuna, forming Triveni. The Hindus believe that a bath at Triveni Sangam makes a Hindu free from sin.

I visited Allahabad during the Kumbh Mela. Kumbh Mela is held at four places in India including Allahabad. There was huge crowd. People of religious faith from different parts of the country had gathered there to have a dip in the Ganga. It is believed that having a dip in Ganga during the time washes away all sins. Big tents were erected for the accommodation of the devotees. In the morning the scene appears very pious. People reciting religious verses were busy performing many rituals. There appeared a sea of humans, as lakhs of people gathered there at a time. I along with my uncle also took a bath in the holy Ganga and offered prayer. The religiosity of the people was worth seeing.

Ganga and Yamuna

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Besides being a place of religious importance, the city is proud to have given more number of Prime Ministers to the country. I visited Anand Bhawan, the residence of Nehru family. Presently, it has been converted into a museum. Other worth visiting sites that I visited are Allahabad Fort, Company Garden, Pinto Park and Khusaro Bagh, which are not just gardens but are speaking legends of various times of Indian history.