Short essay on If I Were the Prime Minister

Short essay on If I Were the Prime Minister. India is a democratic country. The Prime Minister is a key figure in a democratic set up. The power concentrates in his hands. He runs the governance of the country. Though constitutionally, the President is the head of the country, yet the Prime Minister is the all-powerful man in the country. He administers the whole country in every sphere of life.

Since my early childhood I had a dream to become the Prime Minister of India. I have certain ideas and ideals that I would like to put into practice. I want to make India a prosperous country. I would like to see it free from all the evils. First of all, I would like to check the corruption which has become the hotbed of administration? It has robbed India of all its vigour and vitality. It has caused an erosion in the moral values of life. It is a great hurdle on the way to progress and development of the country.

Poverty remains a big challenge for India. Even after the six decades of independence one fourth of its population is destined to live a life of want and deprivation. It is a shame for us that we are the biggest poor country in the world. A large number of people have to go to bed without food. Potable water is a rare commodity for many people living in the remote areas. They have to go to miles to take drinking water. About ten per cent of Indian villages have to go to earthen lamp. They have not been electrified until now. Life comes to a standstill with the setting of the sun. All these and many more evils that I would like to eradicate if I become the Prime Minister.

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Illiteracy is another big challenge for India. About one-third of its population is still illiterate. They do not know how to read and write. This puts our head in shame. In addition, the standard of living of the common masses is very low. Moreover, illiteracy and poverty provides a breeding ground for the growth of many social evils. Illiteracy makes people an easy prey to various evils. If I become the Prime Minister I would work hard for the promotion of education. I would make education mandatory for all.

India is mainly an agricultural country. More than fifty per cent of its population still depends on agriculture. Agriculture in India is backward and dependent on rains. Rain here is uncertain and untimely. This is also a major factor causing to the overall backwardness and low standard of living of the people. As a Prime Minister I would promote industrialisation to minimise the dependence of people on agriculture. Above all, I would ensure the equitable distribution of wealth to people. I would work hard to bring social justice. I would promote good friendly relations with the neighboring countries. I would eradicate terrorism from the Indian soil. I would turn it into a country to which people would feel proud to be the Indians.