544 words essay on The Policeman for school students

544 words essay on The Policeman for school students. The policeman is a familiar figure in every society. He works for the police department. His main task is to maintain law and order in society. He is an important public servant. He can be seen everywhere on the bus stand, street, railway station, market, inter-state bus stands, etc. He is overburdened during the time of festival. He is in uniform. He has a stick in his hand. He protects our life and property.

The policeman is a very useful member of our society. His main task is to keep an eye on the anti-social elements. In every society, there are such elements who create nuisance. They pose threat to the peace and harmony in society. It is the policeman who controls them. He deals with them sternly who do not obey the law. A policeman is the backbone of the society. During agitation, movements, processions and dharma, the policeman is there to ensure peace and harmony. He is a symbol of law and is called the guardian of peace. He is a terror for the wicked. He acts as a custodian of law and a saviour of society.

Generally, a policeman is physically sound and strong. He has to maintain his fitness. He has to perform difficult duties in all seasons. Good health and fitness is essential for him. He has little holidays. Very often he has to do work even on the occasion of festival. He has to sacrifice his personal pleasure for his duty. His job involves great risk. He arrests the thieves and robbers. He has to take the criminals to the court. Sometimes he is posted to some highly sensitive areas where there is danger to even his own life. During agitation and public demonstration, his work becomes all the more difficult. Sometimes the crowd becomes violent, he has to resort to lathe charge. In some situation, he has to use even tear gas to disperse the crowd. At times when situation deteriorates, he has to take stern action like firing, but with proper permission from his superiors.

The Policeman for school students

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A policeman has to do various duties. He has to regulate traffic. He makes people follow the rules of traffic. He charges penalties from those who violate traffic rules. He enforces law and order. He wears a khaki uniform. He has a cane in his hand. A traffic policeman has a whistle in his hand. He uses the whistle to control traffic. He helps in the smooth functioning of governance. He ensures peace and harmony in society. He settles disputes between the warring parties. He is extra cautious during the religious processions and ensures its sanctity. He keeps the hooligans and the miscreants away. He protects the poor and the weaker. He is a friend to law abiding citizen and an enemy to those who violate laws.

But the corruption has crept in the police department as well. Some policemen are not dutiful and sincere. They prefer material gains to their duties. Sometimes they develop close ties with the anti-social elements and thus bargain the peace and harmony of society. Such policemen bring notoriety to police department.

The policeman should be sincere to his duty. He should be honest and perform his duty. Only then we will have a good society.