452 words essay on A Good Citizen

452 words essay on A Good Citizen. The word ‘citizen’ has many meanings. A citizen may be a town dweller, different from a villager. He may be a member of a city. It may also mean the subject of a sovereign state.

In this sense, a person may be an English citizen, or an Indian citizen or an American citizen. In whatever sense this word is used, the citizen is the person who has certain duties and responsibilities along with rights and privileges. While he has all the right to participate in the political, legal, judicial, social, economic and religious affairs of the country, he has the responsibility to have regard and respect for the culture and heritage of the country, maintain social harmony and love and not to do any such things which hurt the public sentiments and spoil peace and harmony in society. He needs to take care of the weak and poor. He should be loyal and dutiful to society.

First of all, a good citizen should be very loyal to the country of his birth. He should have great concern for his motherland. He should see his country above everything. He should always be ready to protect his country if there is a need to do so. He should be prepared to risk his life for the sake of his motherland. He should be ready to sacrifice everything for his country. He needs to be a nationalist.


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A good citizen is required to be law-abiding. He should have firm faith in the law of his country. He should not do anything that goes beyond the law of the country. He should seek the redressed of his grievances in law of the country. He has no sympathy for those who break the law. In fact, he is aware to help the administrative machinery against those who create law and order problem. He thinks above the self- interest.

A good citizen has great respect for the tradition and culture of his country. He has regard for the heroes, saints, seers and their teachings. He tries to follow the tradition and learn good qualities from the great souls. He takes pride to be born in his country. He works hard to change the lot of his people. He helps the poor and needy. He is a cooperative neighbor, an aware citizen and a sincere, hardworking and dutiful person. He is always vigilant against the anti-social elements and criminals. He also makes other aware of their duties and responsibilities.

A good citizen is a man of good habit and noble thinking. He promotes peace and harmony in society. He has respect for others’ faiths and beliefs and does nothing to offend others. He is cooperative, friendly, selfless and humble.

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