483 Words Essay for kids on my hobby

All people engaged in different types of work to earn their living, always left with some spare time. Some people waste this time in idle while others make the best use of it by making up some hobby. A hobby’ pursued to make a profit. The main purpose of a hobby is to derive pleas of it. It is meant for our mental and physical relaxation.

If a person does his professional work throughout the day, he wills a machine. Soon he will feel bored with his daily routine and a time might c when he may develop aversion to his work. That is why all prudent people some time off from their dreary routine and by way of diversion either games, or go to a picnic or a movie or pursue some hobby or the other. A hobby keeps a person active, busy and cheerful.

Different people pursue different hobbies. The selection of a suitable hobby depends on the time that you can devote to it, the money you can afford and your aptitude. Some people spend their spare time in reading books magazines, while some others have the hobby of collecting coins or sty Keeping pet animals or birds is another favourite hobby. Some people F devote their spare time to gardening. Photography is another popular ho Swimming is both a sport and a hobby. Some people also take to fishing hobby, while others may evince interest in collecting autographs of e persons.


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Gardening is my favourite hobby. Our house in Lajpat Nagar has a vacant ground attached to it. I have developed this open space into an M garden. This garden is rectangular in shape. I have planted a few fruit tree in each corner of my garden. I have various varieties of roses in two i arranged rows. I have utilised the rest of the space to grow seasonal vegetal our need for vegetables is substantially met from this garden.

I have also read a few books on gardening. I follow the instructions in these books meticulously. I always buy certified seeds from the seeds d’ of the National Seeds Corporation or the Ministry of Agriculture. I have purchased all the tools required for gardening.

I grow vegetables-like potato, tomato, lady’s finger, cauliflower, bra’ onion, etc. in my garden. We not only consume these vegetables in our hot but also sometimes offer these to our neighbours. Everyone likes vegetables because they are fresh.


My garden is full of flowers. They look beautiful and give out a sweet fragrance. They add to the beauty of my garden. My garden is one of the best in my locality.

Whenever I have spare time, I devote it to my garden. If I feel tired after my day’s work I go and relax in my garden. The greenery of my garden is very refreshing. This hobby also keeps me cheerful, healthy and fit.