209 Words Short Essay on If I Were a Cloud

If I were a cloud, I would be one of the benevolent kinds. I mean I wouldn’t discriminate between places. I would rain equally on all places irrespective of the terrain. That may seem strange and even impossible.

It is because a cloud is not an independent agent of nature. It is guided, controlled and even constrained, by laws of nature. The cloud is formed when the summer heat forces water in seas and oceans to evaporate and rise and float in the sky. The cloud keeps floating in the sky till it is compelled by certain reasons to rain.

This happens when it strikes a high mountain. This also happens when coolness in temperature in the atmosphere is caused by the abundance of trees, etc. Thus, I can rain only if the circumstances and conditions in atmosphere allow me to do so. However I am fond of freedom.


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For instance, I love to float freely in the sky even though I have to get the help of air and wind for this purpose. In the same way, I would like the forests and mountains to help me in causing rain on parched lands so that there are abundant rains for crops to grow to feed the teeming millions.

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