267 Words Essay on the Autobiography of a Five Rupee Coin

Coins have been in use since long. Previously there were pice, annas, two anna pieces, four anna pieces, eight anna pieces and rupee. Later came two rupee coins. I was introduced only a few years ago. I’m comparatively a heavy coin.

I’m round in shape with a double layer of metal. On one side, I’ve the three-lion mark with the words India and on the other, the bold figure 5 with the word rupees in English and in Hindi and the year of my coinage. As I came out of the mint, I was brand new. First, I was sent into a bank. The first customer who got me was very happy. He kept it in his cash box and then gave it away to a shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper gave me to one of his customer’s along with other coins. I went on being exchanged from person to person. The result was that all along, I was getting frayed by degrees.

Autobiography of a Five Rupee Coin

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Now, I’m considered one of the old coins. However, I’m glad that my real value has not diminished over the years just for the reason of having got frayed. There is another matter of solace for me.

It is that I feel (and so do others about me) proud of being of a higher value as compared to coins such as those bearing the value of 25 paisa, 50 paisa, two rupees or the rupees which are the commonest. Then, the embossed figures and words on me are so prominent that they still remain legible. Even the flowery embellishment around the figure 5 is still intact.