285 Words Short Essay on The Season I like Most

Masons change with the change in nature. Summer, Rainy, winter and spring are the seasons in our tropical continent. The summers are so hot that people eagerly wait for the monsoon. The rains ring relief.

The winters are cold and many parts of northern at experience snow fall. The ‘queen of seasons’, spring is also the ‘season of festivals’. Every season has its own characteristic features. During summer season the intense heat and the scorching: sun rays are a curse. People prefer to stay indoors. Many areas face the problem of water scarcity. Almost every year during summer epidemic breaks out. But despite the various drawbacks of the summer season, it is the season I like most.

The end of the spring is the beginning of summer. I welcome this change as it is the sign of fast approaching summer vacations. These holidays are always awaited. They are a relief from the heavy book load, tedious study schedule of school, difficult assignments and brain raking examinations. Holidays mean no fixed routine and I can spend my time as I please.


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Playing and splashing in the cool waters of the swimming; pool in the company of my friends is what I enjoy most. Many delicious fruits come only in this season. Watermelons, grapes and the king of fruits-mangoes are my fond temptations. I love ice-cream. As there is little fear of cold and coughs I eat plenty of it. Nothing can hold me back from cold coffee with ice-cream and ice-cream soda.

Thanks to summers, I can fulfill all my desires in taste. In fact, the summer season is the time when I can be my own self and I enjoy its every moment.