148 Words Essay on Handsome Is That Handsome Does

Almost everybody loves beauty in one form or the other. Most of us get captivated when we see beauty in physical form. Thus we love to see a beautiful girl, child, animal, plant or even scenery.

We love the sight of a handsome young man. There is nothing wrong in beholding physical beauty in a platonic mood of mind. On the other hand, a person may be ugly or he may be unattractive physically. He may not even be able to express himself Medical scientists tell us that certain people, particularly children, intelligent otherwise, may not be able to express themselves and seem dullards, as they suffer from a malady known as ‘dyslexia.

Experts list even the celebrated scientists Edison and Einstein among such people. Thus, real beauty is inner beauty, may be intellectual or spiritual. That is why it is said that handsome is that handsome does.

Handsome Does

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