300 Words Short Essay on a Railway Journey

Children generally love to go out. As such, they are very fond of making journeys frequently. They love all kinds of journeys. I have frequently travelled by bus with my parents to different places. However, last Sunday I had a memorable journey by rail.

We reached the station at about 10.00 a.m. The train was to start at 10.15 a.m. My father bought tickets for mother and me as also for himself. Immediately, we moved to platform No.1 where the train was to arrive shortly. We had not been there on the platform for more than a minute or two when the train arrived. We at once boarded it. We had first class tickets with us. So, we found no difficulty in boarding the train.

I got a seat near the window. Soon, the train started. I felt thrilled. I saw the platform moving backwards. At first the train was slow but soon it gathered speed. Within a few minutes, it gained the speed of the wind.

Railway Journey

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All the houses, poles, fields and trees seemed to be running backwards. I saw farmers working in the fields. Animals were also grazing there. Some women were picking up weeds from the fields.

It was an express train. So, it did not halt at small stations. Even at big stations and junctions, it halted only for a few minutes. As the train halted some people bought eatables and drinks from the vendors at the platforms. Some vendors also came within the compartments. A travelling ticket Examiner came and checked our tickets.

It was late in the afternoon that the train reached Kolkata. We alighted from it and through the exit gate came out. Again our tickets were checked, now at the gate. We left for our uncle’s house where we had to go.

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