314 Words Short Essay on Communal Harmony


India is a country of saints and seers who have always preached the lesson of love, harmony, co-operation and respect for each other’s sentiments. If we follow the preaching of our elders in letter and spirit, we shall love all religions equally well and there will not arise any occasion for conflict. It is rightly written in the scriptures of all religions that all paths lead to the same God.

“God made man in his own image, in the image of man God made Himself” God has created mankind. But he has not divided mankind into different religions. These regimented religions are man’s own creation. In spite of this, people of all religions can still live in peace if they respect each other’s religion.

Even if they worship God (or gods) in different ways, yet they should try to realize the underlying spirit in each religion and that is to serve mankind which is basically one. It is very sad that in our country often communal riots take place, sometime in U.P., sometime in Gujarat and sometime at other places. Sometimes, the grounds are quite flimsy or trivial.

The people need some awakening and joint efforts by enlightened people of all communities, as peace is good for all and strife is harmful to everybody. It is said that the two nation theory that led to the partition of our country, sowed the real seeds of communal disharmony. But, we should all consider ourselves Indian first and last.

We must understand that India is constitutionally a secular country where people of all religions, castes and creeds can live enjoying equal rights and opportunities for progress and have the same stake in the welfare of the nation.

Let us all forget our petty religious differences, if any and live like brothers and celebrate jointly each other’s festivals and make India a great power to reckon with.


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