Essay on the Person I Admire the Most- Abraham Lincoln

The person I admire the most in my life is Abraham Lincoln. His life and activities have always charmed me. To me, he is one of the most outstanding personalities that the world has ever produced.

He remains unparalleled, unequalled and without a peer in many respects. Today Abraham Lincoln shines as a glittering pole star across the universal horizon showing us the path of goodness, humaneness and simplicity of life and love, for fellow human beings.

Abraham Lincoln was born in a poor family at Kentucky, in America, in the year 1809. Being poor, the family could not send him to school like other children of his age. At an early age onwards, he had to toil hard with his father, who was a woodsman, to supplement the family income.


However, at a later age, he was able to attend school for sometime. But he never had the usual formal education like other children. Lincoln was not satisfied with his life as a backwoods boy. He had greater ambition.

He came to the state of Illinois where he continued his studies privately and at the same time became a salesman in a shop and later a lawyer’s clerk. After he had gained sufficient knowledge, he became a lawyer himself and made a mark in this profession.

His success as a lawyer eventually led him to politics. Although in the beginning success evaded him, yet he didn’t give up the attempt to become ‘someone’ in life.

Abraham Lincoln

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Eventually his honesty, forthrightness, kindness and personality won him a seat in the Illinois State Legislature. His seven years of remarkable work as a legislator (1834-41), his eloquent speeches and simple life style soon made him a household name in his country.

Therefore, the nation chose him as its sixteenth President in 1861. However, within two years of becoming the President, there broke out a civil war between the Northern and Southern states over the question of the abolition of slavery, which he banned for good from the land of America with a presidential proclamation on January 1, 1863.

This was the crowning moment of his life as well as his greatest achievement. The Northern states supported the move of the president while the Southern states wanted the continuation of slavery as they needed slaves to work in their plantation industries. Eventually, the northern forces under his leadership won the war.

However, victory claimed its victim. Just five days after the end of the war, he was shot dead by John Booths, a half-mad actor and a southerner on April 13, 1865. Thus, ended the life of a man who rose from the backwoods to be the President of America. Today, he is one of the most admired personalities of the world.


His greatest asset was his simplicity which characterised his entire life. Even when he assumed the highest office of the land, he continued to remain a simple man with simple life style. His large heartedness was another notable trait which revealed his inner goodness and human touch. He was basically a humane person with a large heart.

The sights of slaves being bought and sold like animals are objects that pained his heart. Facing all odds, he put an end to this inhuman practice once and for all and paid with his life. His life is also an example of how determination and hard-work can bring success if one wants to.

To consider him merely as a great political figure is to belittle his legacy and his noble human qualities. He exemplified goodness of heart, humaneness and simplicity. Today he is recognised as a beacon who lighted the torch for others to tread on. He remains one of the finest personalities the world has ever seen and produced. He is the person whom I admire the most in the world.