382 Words Essay on Pen is Mightier than the Sword

This specialty of the proverb, ‘Pen is mightier than sword,’ giving more importance to pen, has not come from a writer, but a person who always wields a sword! And it was none, but the greatest war hero, Napoleon!

Is there any truth in it or it is just fanciful? With a sword one can conquer another. But with a pen, how can one scare a person? Napoleon stresses the greatness of the pen by saying that with a sword one can kill a few. But with a pen one can write about a nation or a famous ruler who indulges in shady activities.

It is the pen that exposes such anti-people, nation or unscrupulous person and pin point him to the society to have him thrown off die dirone. A sword or gun cannot achieve such a great job as to topple a government or a leader by any individual, unless he was a journalist with mass readership.

Pen is Mightier than the Sword

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From this, it is clear that a great lover of war had so much respect for a journalist. Pen here refers to human mind. Sword symbolizes strength or force or brutality. The mind is a wonderful part of the body that elevates a person so high in life.

For example, the writings of eminent persons like Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Tagore, Milton, etc. still ripple out across after many hundreds of years, while the names of good sword fighters are easily forgotten. It is said that “Old soldiers never die, but they just fade away!

In die competitive environment of today all over the world, people or die government seldom opt for war. They want peace and prosperity. Prosperity comes when there is improvement in all walks of life.


Schools, colleges, hospitals, institutions, sports, arts & crafts, self sufficiency in food, more employment opportunities for all, wealth, enhanced life style and status and many more. There are so many things like these that people want. Not just a fight. Of course, sword fighting is also a sport. But there ends all importance to it.

It cannot fetch all things necessary to live. Furthermore, it is said that a sword wielding man finally dies by sword only! Therefore, pen (Brain) is mightier than sword; die story of lion and the hare is more pertinent to it.