192 Words Essay on Save Trees for Green Earth


Trees are very important for our survival in many ways. They clean the soil by filtering sewage and chemicals used in farms. They help control noise pollution and reduce flash flooding.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming. They also clean the air by absorbing pollutants like carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. They also help to lower temperatures. They give shade during the summer and act as windbreaks during winter if they are located on the windward side.

They also prevent soil erosion. It is seen that the presence of trees in an area can increase property values by at least 15%. For all these reasons it is very important for us to save trees and increase the green cover of the earth. We can start by planting more trees in our neighborhood.

If we see any indiscriminate felling of trees, we can petition the authorities to stop it. Using less paper products is also a way to save trees for the paper industry needs trees to make paper. Using the computer to store data reduces the need to use paper. In all these ways we can help save trees.


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