364 Words Essay on a Farewell Party

My father’s friend, Ashok Uncle, was going away to the US to take up a new job and my father who was very close to him decided to host a farewell party for him.

My father invited some other common friends and their families as well. The party was hosted at our farmhouse near the beach. My father had made arrangements for the food to be catered from a good restaurant. We were expecting around twenty people. I was quite excited and I spent a long time wondering which dress I should wear for the party. My mother was busy supervising the cleaning and the decorations.

Around six pm, the guests started arriving one by one. As the children were my friends I took them to my room where we discussed things like school and movies and our favorite heroes. Soon Ashok Uncle also arrived with his family. He was given a hearty welcome and ushered inside. When everyone had arrived, my father made a small speech about how he had known Ashok Uncle since college days.

Farewell Party

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He spoke about their friendship and the good times they had enjoyed and how he was going to miss him now that he was leaving for the US. Then he and Ashok Uncle hugged and everyone clapped. After the speech, everyone settled down. Drinks and snacks were served. We, the children, retired to another room to continue our conversation and play some games.

After a while we were called to have our dinner. It was a good spread and we all tucked in heartily. Then everything was cleared in the big hall for some dancing accompanied by music. All of us had a whale of a time, dancing to the latest Hindi songs. Finally, at 11 pm, the adults decided to wind up the party.

Ashok Uncle made a short speech thanking my father and everyone who had come to bid him farewell. He invited us to come to the US and spend a few days with him. Then our guests left while we stayed on to spend the night at the farmhouse as we were too tired to drive back to our home in the city.

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