244 words paragraph on The Happiest Day of My Life

This is a sample paragraph on The Happiest Day of My Life. We are thrown in this world without any rhyme or reason—A French philosopher Sartre based the whole philosophy of existentialism on this thought.

People have always been probing into the query why we are in this world which is so full of ‘the weariness, the fever, and the fret’. But for me, it has been so good to be in this world that I consider 2nd August 1967, my birthday, the happiest day of my life. On this day with the waking yawn of the dawn, I moaned and signaled my arrival in this world. Of course, like many other babies, I was not happy to leave my mother’s protective womb. So I cried a lot. But thereafter I have always been a jolly natured creature. It’s not that life has been easy for me. No. Everyone has to fight his way out, in the fray of ‘the survival of the fittest’. I have been too. But I like taking up challenges. Life’s battles have always been a pleasure for me. Besides challenges, there is so much beauty, so much love and warmth that I am really thankful to that Almighty power, which made my existence possible in this world. I hold my mother in deep regards since it was she who introduced my little entity into this universe. My birth has been the most wonderful thing both for my parents and myself. I want to enjoy this gift of life to the lees.

 The Happiest Day of My Life

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