Short essay on Pollution of Environment (free to read)

Short essay on Pollution of Environment (free to read). Ever since the beginning of civilization, history is replete with records of crime committed by man against nature.

Green forests have been cut down, verdant valleys fallowed and ploughed mercilessly and then left dry and fallow, free flowing streams stopped, diverted or hemmed all in the pursuit of greater and greater material advancement.


With the invention of power driven machines and development of modern techniques of exploitation of mineral wealth, man’s lust for material comforts increased by leaps and bounds.

In pursuit of a good life we have not stopped at merely destroying or polluting our environment but also polluting our indoors too.

Pollution of Environment

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How do we rescue our environment from the hazards of an industrial society? There is no clear-cut answer. But people like Sunderlal Bahuguna and Baba Amte have at least tried to awaken our conscience.

We can adopt an area and keep it clean of garbage and other forms of waste.


We should get our vehicles checked, generators in offices and buildings should be cleaned periodically.

If we work in a factory, we must make sure that Pollution control measures are being enforced without any compromise.

We must try our level best to minimise the emission of smoke and level of noise. It will go a long way to purify our environment.

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