360 words essay on A Railway Journey (free to read)

360 words essay on A Railway Journey (free to read). Traveling is a great and inspiring experience. It is at once instructive and interesting. If we travel second class, a railway journey gives us a true picture of India for the majority of its people travel second class.

I had a great desire to go to Shimla. Imagine my joy when I received a letter from my cousin to visit him during the summer vacation! My father gladly allowed me to go.

It was the sticky month of July. The day at last arrived. Our school was closed for two months. I reached home, packed up my articles and left for the railway station. I reached the station fifteen minutes before the arrival of the train. There was a great rush at the platform. I had no worries, since I already had reserved a seat. I engaged a coolie and made my way to the train. There was a great hustle and bustle. The passengers sat eagerly waiting for the train. After ten minutes, the train steamed in. It was fully packed. Luckily my seat was near a window. After five minutes the guard whistled and waved his green flag. The train steamed out and soon it gathered speed. Our compartment was packed to its capacity. Some passengers were smoking while others were chatting or reading newspapers. Then the ticket checker entered and checked our tickets. A young man was found traveling without ticket. He had to pay the fare and the penalty. I looked out of the window.

Railway Journey

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There were green fields on either side. Cattle were grazing. The trees seemed to be running away. At last the train reached Kalka. I took my lunch and changed the train for Shimla, which looked like a toy. It was an interesting sight to see the engine climbing the hill like a serpent. As the train went higher, I saw tall trees of pine. Houses on hills looked very tiny. The train went on a zig-zag path. It passed through many tunnels. The cold increased as the train went higher and higher. After five hours pleasant journey, I reached Shimla. My cousin was waiting at the station and received me cheerfully.