Short essay for kids on A Street Beggar

Short essay for kids on A Street Beggar (free to read). In ancient times a person took to begging only when he had been very hungry for days together and had not been able to get hold of a job.

Nowadays begging in India has become almost a profession. Wherever you go, a beggar stares you in the face. You can’t escape him. Besides meeting him in the street, at the bus stand and near temples, you will find him begging from door to door.

There are some beggars who are able bodied. They can work to earn their bread but they have taken to begging simply because it is so easy. They at times get more than many honest workers. The beggars virtually loot money in the name of religion and God. They don’t deserve pity. There are other beggars who are crippled. But it is no excuse for begging. A self-respecting person —whether handicapped or not—always tries to stand on his own feet. Of course, crippled people should be helped, but they should not be given alms. Begging, in no way, is justified.

Street Beggar

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A beggar, who is healthy but lazy man, is very clever and cunning. Some beggars go about in saffron clothes, carrying a bowl in their hands. Some beggars form singing parties and beg in the name of a charitable Institution. Some sit by the roadside and pretend to be blind or deaf. They try to rouse pity and sympathy of the passers-by. Most of such beggars are fit to work and can earn their living on their own. Sometimes beggars have even done the great crime of kidnapping little children and later training them in the art of begging.

While giving alms to any beggar, one should always keep in mind that giving a little money or food will not end his poverty. If you want to really end his poverty you should give him work instead.

Begging is a stigma on the name of the nation. Charity may be given but there should be poor houses for such disabled persons who really deserve charity.