274 words essay on Price Rise (Free to read)

274 words essay on Price Rise (Free to read). Price Rise is the bane of modern world. Prices of essential commodities go on rising every day despite the professed and genuine efforts of the government.

The main reason for sky-rocketing of prices is the unabated rise in population at an alarming rate. As compared to Chip, India has failed miserably in controlling her population. Another reason for price-rise is the huge loss of man-days as a result of frequent strikes and lock-outs in the indus­trial units. This leads to short-fall in produc­tion. Then India is still a developing country. A huge capital expenditure is still going on in the form of construction activities and in the form of establishment of new units. An aver­age Indian has considerably awakened to the reality of raising his living standard in the matter of eating, housing, medical aid and providing education to his children. He is also fond of recreation through TV, O.K., cinema, transistor etc.

All this expenditure pushes up the rate of living. Those who can afford, also purchase luxurious items like the refrigerator, air conditioner, desert cooler, geyser and other such gadgets. There is also a lot of wastage on parties, dinners, inaugu­ration and other functions and on canvass­ing, publicity and propaganda during elec­tions. The hoarders, stockiest and black- marketers also push up prices by causing artificial scarcity in the market. Wars and arms race also lead to shortage and price- rise.

Price Rise

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It is a pity that even more than forty five years after independence, most of the Indians are still leading a dog’s life. Only some lucky ones roll in luxury. The government should take some drastic steps to keep prices under control.

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