Short Essay on Mauritius (180 Words)

Here is your essay on Mauritius:

Sprawling over an area of 2,040 sq km and having a population of 1.28 million (2010), with a density of over 624 persons per sq km, Mauritius is a volcanic island, surrounded by coral islands. It lies about 800 km east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, settled by the Dutch in 1638. The French brought African slaves here.

The British who ruled from 1810 to 1968 brought Indian majority in Mauritius for the sugar plantations. The Indian majority in Mauritius are the descendants of these workers. Port Louis (population: 165,000) is the national capital and also the largest seaport (Figure 6.8).


In Mauritius, sugarcane is the main crop. Tea, tobacco, potatoes, rice and maize are also grown. Tourism is the important foreign exchange earner. Other industries include textiles, sugar refining and rum manufacturing. It is one of the leading exporters of woolen knitwear.

Environmental Challenges:

Monoculture (sugarcane) and use of pesticides are degrading the soil and polluting water sources. Deterioration of corals is also a serious environmental problem.