Short Essay on the American Army

Read this short essay on the American Army !

The United States Army is the main branch of the United States Armed forces which is the oldest and largest established branch of the US Military. The most important mission of the army is to fight and win the Nations Wars.

In preserving peace and security and providing defence to the United States and any area occupied by the United States. To implement the National objectives. To support the National Policies and overcoming any nations responsible for aggressive acts that endanger the peace and security of the United States.

The American Army had fought numerous battles in the South from the 1780-81 using various techniques like the hit and run tactics and the Fabian Strategy. However in the war in 1812 against Britain, they lost to Britain. The American Army won the Mexican-American war in 1848. The Civil war was one that was the costliest based on the causalities that happened for that war.

The next series of war after the Civil war was the war with Native Americans who resisted US expansion and that was a lengthy one. The next few wars where the American Army won were the Spanish- American war, Philippine – American War and the US involvement in Latin America and Boxer rebellion all helped America to gain more power and land.

During the World war I , the US troops joined with Britain, France, Italy and Russia and in the World war II they joined the European front. Two years after the World War II, The Army Air forces separated and formed the United States Air Force in 1947. After the September 11 attacks, the US and NATO combined arms against the Global War on Terrors and attacked the Afghanistan in 2001 displacing the Taliban government and in Iraq in 2003.

Organizing the US army began in 1775 and during the initial hundred years, the army was not into wars but rather into non-wartime duties like engineering and construction works. There were the US Volunteers in case of a war situation then. During the World War I was when the concept of US volunteers were taken away and the National Army was organized to fight the conflict. Currently the army is divided into three sections known as the Regular Army, the Army reserve, the Army National Guard.

Since 1903 after the Militia Act, the National guard have undertaken dual status, one as the National Guardsmen under the authority of the Governor of state and the other as a reserve of the US Army, under the President’s authority.The country salutes these brave men who have been constantly in watch not only for their country, but also for other countries who need them.