Letter to the Editor of a Local Newspaper Complaining Against the Frequent Load-Shedding in Your Area

56/5, Bankim Chatterjee Street,

Kolkata – 700 073.

2nd May, 2009


The Editor,

Kolkata Gazette,

Kolkata – 700 129.


Subject: Problem of frequent load-shedding


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As if the present heat wave sweeping across our state were not enough, we have been subjected to prolonged power blackouts in our area almost every day for the past four weeks. Not only do they last somewhere between two and six hours at a stretch, but there is no information detailing such schedules.

Needless to say, all this is becoming a little too much to bear: little children and senior citizens are falling ill, the studies of school- going children are being severely affected, and generally speaking, our lives are being thrown totally out of gear.


The Department of Electricity claims that the problem has been caused by overloading of transformers and the excessive use of electricity by some of the area’s consumers, and that, therefore, there is nothing much that they can do about it. However, we would like to appeal to the authorities to take a closer look at some other contributing factors, such as the widespread theft of electricity by companies as well as individuals, and the continued use of antiquated plants and equipment at the power-station in question, to see if the problem can be substantially reduced, if not resolved.

Yours faithfully,

Biplab Pyne