Short essay on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine for kids

Short essay on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine for kids. This is often-repeated proverb. Like all proverbs, it too aims at keeping people away from mistakes, and their consequent results. More often than not, they come to seek our help when it is too late. This one is a sort of spear against the devil of carelessness.

Quite literally, it means that if we stitch the torn part of a garment, we may make it last for a while. If we neglect that tear in the dress, it is bound to fall apart and become useless soon.

Similarly, the proverb is applicable in all other spheres of life. Suppose one is participating in a horse race. If he does not check the hoofs of his horse at the time of starting, it is highly probable the horse may falter, and thus the rider may lose the race. That one second’s care might have won him a prize.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

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A man falling ill may be cured by ordinary medicines, if given in time. But a few days’ lapse may make him unfit for any cure, even with costly drugs. A definite and timely action at that moment is very important.

A boat may sink if the crack, one e noted by the crew, is not immediately plugged. So we say, a stitch in time saves us from having to take nine stitches later on.