Very short essay on Scene at a Bus Stop for kids

Free sample essay on Scene at a Bus Stop for kids. A bus stop hums with life and activity. At peak hours there is a mad rush. The school and college students as well as the office-goers vie with each other to get into the already crowded buses.

All sorts of people can be seen at a bus stop. Some are impatient and look at their watches every few seconds, others are worried and fret. But there are some who wait patiently. They even smile at others. Students stand in groups and talk. It presents a good opportunity to study human nature.

At most of the stops people try to stand in queues but as soon as a bus is visible, the queue is broken. Everyone just pushes and jostles. There is a lot of confusion then.

Scene at a Bus Stop

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At peak hours, people try to board a bus whether there is any space in it or not. Travelling on footboards is common. It is very dangerous, but it does not deter any one. Pick-pockets have their day at such hours.