231 words short essay on Scene at a Railway Station for kids

Free sample essay on Scene at a Railway Station for kids. There can be surely no place more crowded and noisy than a railway station in a large city.

No sooner one enters it than one has to jostle his way through to reach the platform. If one has to catch the train, or to meet someone on another platform, one has to climb the crowded stairs.


Hardly anyone is at ease. Either one has arrived far too early or the train is late. Others have perhaps reached too late and are rushing about terrified that they would not be able to find the seats or even miss the train.

The hawkers add to the confusion, shouting to sell their wares. Many of them go from compartment to compartment shouting ‘Tea’. They bring relief to the tired passengers in the train but are a nuisance for those who wish to board or alight. Porters also go about carrying heavy loads.

 Scene at a Railway Station for kids

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When the train is about to leave, relatives and friends who have come to see off are in a hurry to get down. If any passenger has to get into a compartment without reservation, he has to face angry glares from all and sundry.

The departure of the train brings a slight calm. The platform becomes somewhat deserted. But it is short lived. Soon another train steams in. If one has patience and time to idle, one could quite enjoy the scene.

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