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Free sample essay on My School for kids. I study in Cambridge School which is one of the best schools of Mumbai. It has a stone building. It has all the facilities a good school should have — well-furnished classrooms, laboratories, library and playgrounds.

As we enter the school, there is a playground to our left and a small garden to our right. When we enter the building, the Principal’s room and the office room are to the left and the staff room to the right side. These are well-furnished. There are thirty-four classrooms. Our laboratories are well-equipped. Our library has books on almost all the subjects. Our librarian is also very nice and helps us choose good books.

Our school, like all schools, has a prescribed uniform. We have to wear white or cream cotton shirts, light- blue trousers, black shoes and white socks. Girls have to wear white blouses and light-blue skirts in primary and middle classes and white shirts and light-grey skirts in higher classes. They have to tie their long hair with white ribbons.

My School for kids

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In our school special attention is paid to behavior, cleanliness and punctuality. The most well-behaved, neat and punctual student is awarded a prize at the Annual Day function.

Our Principal is a strict disciplinarian. He takes the help of P.T. teachers too. If any student violates the rules, is not in uniform, or makes mischief, gets punished. But he is fair and loving. He tries to find out the reason and guides us.

Our teachers are also quite strict. They teach us with great care, check our notebooks and help us with our problems. But if we are inattentive and don’t work properly, we are punished.


I like my school very much and am proud that I belong to it.