Short Summary of “Love” Essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The essay Love by Emerson, gives a detailed description of the feeling LOVE. Love is a feeling that happens just like a spark. It could happen to anybody at anyplace with anyone. It is not age or caste specific.

The concept that love is between the youth is not right. Love takes place when one is young, but grows gradually when one grows old. Every person must have experience that feel at one point of life and that is a beautiful feel to have gone through.

Emerson says that, through this feel of Love, many have crossed borders, some may have done mistakes, some may have sacrificed and many more. Yet it may look like mistakes to one’s eye, but through another eye, it may have a justification. The passion of love could be explained at any age, be it twenty, forty or eighty, it does not matter and he who has drawn the wonderful picture of his love, may have missed something when it has grown old, but with patience it could be found out and made it more beautiful.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Be it a novel, or a play or a story of any kind, when love is the matter, no reader or viewer becomes a stranger to the sentiments of love. When betrayal happens and hearts being hurt, the reader also experiences the same. Such powerful is the feel of Love, that it does not leave two strangers feel like strangers. Even the toughest and rudest person could be as soft as a petal, when in love. Love is a language that could be communicated with the heart, even when words do not pour out. No matter who you are, once the spark has taken place, the communication is through heart and nothing else. Hours together you could be together, still time would not be enough.

Love is a wonderful feel that is being felt and experienced. All living beings experiences love. Birds sing their heart, trees swing and sway, flowers blossom and the nature smoothens when love is being expressed. Every person express their love in their way, the youth build a passion and when it grows day by day it gets more strong and beautiful.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and it cannot have a justification to any person’s eye for being in love with a person. Even with time passing by and generations changing, love is one feel that is always constant and will never change for love cannot be explained or described, it can only be experienced. It is affection to another person which comes from within and is not faked. It makes the old feel young, the sick feel better; the lost feel won and has very strong healing and secure feel for whoever is in love.


Love , cannot be said in word, but the experience is just much beyond expressing as it is a beautiful relationship between two persons or living beings and it is the wonderful gift end from above to all human nature.