Short Speech on the Blessing of Compassion

Compassion is a great blessing of God upon the mankind. A compassionate person is kind to every living being on the Earth. He is not cruel to anyone.

He is kind to the birds, animals, flowers and human beings. If we have compassion for others only then do others have compassion for us.

A cruel person is dealt with cruelty by others. People don’t have mercy on him, even when he is lying in bed in a critical condition. One who is others is not dealt kindly by others.



A compassionate person is loved by everyone. People don’t ignore his plight. When he is in need they try to help him in whatever way they can; because they know that if they would not help a kind friend, then they would lose him forever, as the kind person may stop helping selfish and cruel people, who don’t help him in need.

Therefore, people who are helped in their need must also help others in need, if they don’t want to terminate friendship with kind friends.

Compassion is one of the greatest boons of God. We are fortunate if we possess it.